Zoom, Product Designer

I'm currently working at Zoom, where i'm helping build a collaboration tool to help people get their work done. We're a small team, so I get to be a part of MeetingsChatPhoneRooms, and Integrations.

Backpack, Designer

During my college years, my friends and I wanted to make something better for discovering others on campus. Specifically, a way to get projects rolling with the right people. We helped students from over 30 universities pursue their interests.

Trifacta, Product Design Intern

Here, I worked on Design Systems. This is also where I was introduced to prototyping with code from Alex, who inspired me to learn what I have today.

One, Student Designer

I had to spend my free time learning design as a Mechanical Engineering student, but was lucky enough to meet two great mentors, Ryan and David. I helped build the university's tool for students to enroll, pay tuition, and view classes to name a few.