Prototype Framework

Changing how we design

I’ve invested a lot of time into learning software development in my free time. This turned from how to create more realistic prototypes, to building production components. I’m going to show you how I transformed the way we design at Zoom.

The picture underneath is a screenshot of a “prototype” I recently worked on. This is a real Zoom meeting.

Zoom Meetings has been needing a refresh for quite some time now, but getting buy in from the team can be tougher than expected.

This all changed after creating a way to present tangible work. Not a static image, nor an interactive demo was going to cut it. I created a React prototyping framework that embedded our WebSDK, which meant we could use real Zoom Meetings in our prototypes that actually worked. Combined with Framer X, designers are making working products with zero code.

Something I think of often, is a comment from Jony Ive...

While ideas ultimately can be so powerful, they begin as fragile, barely formed thoughts, so easily missed, so easily compromised, so easily just squished.

Ultimately, this is about empowering designers to be able to explore ideas and present them in their best light. Grand ideas can get lost if not understood, so creating something that can be experienced changed the way we share and collaborate.

What if you could call a real rideshare driver using an Uber prototype?

What if you could store and access real files using a Dropbox prototype?

What if you could book a real vacation using an AirBnb prototype?

What if you could talk to a real customer or support member using an Intercom prototype?

What if you could have a meeting with real people using a Zoom prototype? Well, now you can.

I also like making components for the design community. You can see 2 of mine featured on Framer's Store page.

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